Team FAQ

When will the swimmer start for our relay team? The swim scares me; will I be swimming with 500 people?

No the swim start is staggered by age groups in waves of three to five minutes apart for safety. You will be swimming with a much smaller group. Relay teams start almost last. Individuals would of course start with their age group. This is also a very clean water lake.

We don't have a minister we have a priest. Does that count?

Yes, Of course.

Will competing church team's information be available prior to the race?

Yes, we have a list of all registered relay teams.

Will anyone check on minister credentials?

No, this is a church league, we use the honor system!

I have an old trail bike - is that okay?

Sure, you will see all kinds of bikes. You must have a bicycle helmet.

Will there be help for first timers?

We will have help on-site on the race day to help first timers get organized and know where to go and what to do. There are several coaching sponsors available to help.

We know we will not win one of the five cash prizes how can this be a fundraiser for our church?

You never know, put together a good team and try. We know of some churches that are getting fundraising sponsors like a walk-a-thon to raise money for their church.

Will there be support on the race course?

Yes. On the swim course there are multiple lifeguards along the shoreline and boats and kayaks in the water. On the bicycle course there will be motorcycles patrolling and policemen at every intersection. On the run course there will be aid stations with water and safety personnel along the course.

How long will I have to put together a team for this race?

We know of several churches that are fielding large teams and this race will fill up quickly so please do not procrastinate. The absolute deadline is listed on the Registration Page.

Does the relay team count as one finish time or three finish times?

Each relay team has one finish time. This time will be handicapped based on the number of female and minister participants.

Do I have to be a member of the church whose team I am on?

Our goal is to encourage you to join with a church family to use the gifts God has blessed you with to benefit others. We do require that each 3-person team have one member or regular attendee from the sponsoring church.

We have a relay team member that has to drop out and cannot participate. Can that teammate be replaced? Can the entry fee be applied to the new participant?

The teammate may be replaced prior to race day. Our event coordinator has a strict refund policy-see their website for details. The new teammate would need to register online just as the original teammate did.